Dissapearing world entinties

For some reason my shitty server breaks after 5-10 mins fences and physgun beam dissapear as well as player models are invisible. ill give the ip goto console type “connect” I also need coders if someone wants to help.

are you getting any errors?
Do you have all needed games mounted (Css, HL2 etc)
Is it happening to anyone else?
Have you installed any new addons?

I mounted css thats all my host offers i have some addons if you wanna join please come on my server and take a loo.

I usually stay out of server issue threads because I’m virtually of no use since I don’t run GMod servers, but I’m going to be asking questions anyways.
Do you notice anything strange right before it starts doing this? Almost seems like an entity overflow, any errors in the server or client console?

No It usually runs smoothly and than it randomly breaks from time to time…

Does anyone spam fireworks / trails before it happens?

Could be: http://forum.facepunch.com/showthread.php?t=1258949

That sounds exactly like the problem he’s having.
Though that means it would have nothing to do with entities overflowing and more so them building up and causing it to flip out.

YAY my admins had all trails that is probably the problem.