I fell in love with this game when I saw it, I love games like these, so my first thought was to register and so I did. Later I tried playing and it didn’t work just got that black screen after unity gets done loading. After that problem I thought I fixed it but sadly I couldn’t log in. So I have one question for you players. How is the game? I can’t play at all and now I’m just sad because it looks epic.

it’s a piece of shit because it’s an early alpha and you shouldn’t expect to play it for enjoyment at all right now.

It can be pretty fun if you have a group.

I am playing alone and it is still loads of fun. By the way, the problem you are having seems to be with integrated graphics systems on laptops. You wouldn’t happen to have another card built in that isn’t integrated would you? At first I was using my integrated graphics to run it but I switched it to my nVidia GT 630m and it works like new. Hope this helps mate you’re missing out on loads of fun.

I dont think its that. ITs just that some people made just an account and didnt put a beta key (like is now required). But back then the game didnt see to work for everybody. Now I think that is fixed but the account cant log in. Like me, I have an account but after loading it just says “Failed to connect”

im sorta confused so i understand that Garry isnt giving codes out atm but they are needed for sign up correct? he did state a week ago ,however, that codes arent needed for signup. “when it asks you for a code just type in numbers until it lets you go to the next page.”. Tbh i really want to alpha test this game, i have the time and the hardware to do so but its always getting the damn keys that is the issue.

All you should be concerned about now (during) is gameplay, and reporting bugs. If you’re getting graphical glitches, report them, along with your system stats. Being disappointed in an alpha… on account of it being in alpha state, is a misunderstanding of what an alpha is.

When he said that it was before the server got flooded by thousands if not millions of people. Now you do need a key and garry aint giving them.

Millions of people, all playing rust… Imagine that. O_O;;

Massive axefest at spawn. Towers shooting bullets constantly to everyone who manages to get nearby. Forts housing the veteran players, defending against the waves of mindless players trying to go all mohawk on you. Sounds pretty intresting…

It’s unoptimized as shit, has barely any content, a boring and inconsistent world, humongous amounts of lag, a terrible playerbase and works like crap.

Lots of potential though.

I’m in Aus and dont get any noticeable lag.

The inability for people to use the search function never fails to amaze me. There’s already a thread about this issue.