Dissidia Final Fantasy Weapons Pack.

Since garrysmod.org is having upload issues at the moment, ive uploaded the first pack onto mediafire, this is an addon and each pack will update the addon with new models, improovements and an extended spawn list
Pack 1: Cloud’s Weapons (easiest to ripp so did them first): http://www.mediafire.com/?8m160lzb9jggyjo Now also up on garrysmod.org :smiley: http://www.garrysmod.org/img/?t=dll&id=126418


more releases will come soon!

Nice! Excellent work, i can´t wait to use it, thanks :smiley:

just be aware that theyre not weapons…just props.

Never really played Dissidia despite being a Final Fantasy fan. These look pretty good. Nice job.

Aww… No FF9 Mage Masher.
That makes me a little sad.
But at least we have behemoth pieces of metal now.

This is great!

Although,They look Low quality.
(must be the game’s texture’s Minding that it’s for the PSP.)

yeah the psp really butchered model quality because of it 21st centurary version of the PS1 GPU…

My will is strong, my cause is just, AND MY KNIFE IS VERY, VERY LARGE.

knife should be sword in there Joazzz.
OK Guys quick questions, which main character from dissidia should i do next?
leave your answer in a reply to this message!

Do Squall since he has Revolver and Lionheart.

Even with the PSP quality, the Ultima Weapon and Tsurugi Complete look pretty good.

i probably will do squall and yeah even at psp quality some of em have come out better than expected. :smiley:

I only just noticed by spawning it in Gmod that Ultima Wepon’s blue stripe pulses. How did I miss that?

To me it looks like an oversized knife, so no, it’s a knife.

lol how did you miss that ? :stuck_out_tongue:
thouchè Joazzz :smiley:

kefka, 10,000 times kefka

Kefka doesn’t wield any weapon. Do Tidus, or if you have Duodecim, Laguna. He should be fun.

i only have the original dissidia, as ripping from duodeciem is a bastard to get working…

i meant make a kefka ragdoll

this is for weapons ONLY i CANNOT rigg a ragdoll at this present moment in time…

Why are anime swords always OVER-SIZED.