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Distant Burning: Xibalba | Chaos


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Distant Burning: Xibalba is not your typical roleplay server. Chaos is a constantly evolving roleplay gamemode with a focus on team-based deathmatch. There are four general factions – Government, Civilians, Rebellion and Terrorists – which are in a constant power struggle. It’s abuse or be abused. There are no permanent roles, so there is always a different regime in progress. If you don’t succeed as Mayor, try terrorizing the place instead… or hang around long enough to rob the bank vault when the police are “distracted.”

As you can see, we do not discourage killing. You will not be banned or scolded for having fun like you are on many other RP servers. It is part of the roleplay in Xibalba. However, don’t kill your teammates or they may blacklist you and turn you in to the enemy!

Brand New Features

Bank System
Better be on the ball, cause if your not someone may rob you! The Chaos “Bank System” allows you to avoid losing all your hard earned cash from those “untimely” deaths. To use the bank make your way to a “bank” location (Bank of America, Mydriatic Industries ATM, Cub Foods ATM, Mayors office, MTL offices) and do one of three things: type the command: /bank (deposit/withdraw) <amount> in chat, press F4 or use the Chaos Quick Menu tab. Don’t forget!!

How Infamous are you? The Chaos Crime/Infamy tracking helps alert everyone to those bad criminals. The more you kill, the higher your crime and infamy go. If you kill to many people, a message is displayed to everyone stating you are a dangerous criminal! When your crime exceeds that level, if a cop kills you you will be arrested immediatly. Upon completion of your sentence you will be released crime free, but… YOUR INFAMY STAYS FOREVER! Beware! bounty collections are now active! Collect bounties for hunting down and killing dangerous criminals!

Quick Menu
feature is now live!!! Press “Q” and look for the “Chaos” tab. The menu has alot of the items accessible from your normal F1 menu, ready at the touch of a button through your “C” context menu. Also included in the Quick Menu is all the items you can manufacture categorized by jobs. The link below is to our forums where i have pictures up.


Now running RP_City11_Night!!

We’re a new server and are still in the early stages of customizing the gamemode. We are always improving and always open to your great ideas to add new things - be it addons like weapons, vehicles, and models, or mod improvements like jobs, classes, items, or completely new features. Join the start of our community at http://DistantBurning.com and tell us what improvements you’d like to see. It’s time to get a good server rocking for those of us bored by the suffocating rules of most RP servers.

The Idea:

There are 4 factions the Government, the Civilians, the Rebellion and the Terrorists.

Government: Police try to maintain order in a city of chaos. Protect the citizens or they may turn on you!

Civilian: This faction includes all the general citizen classes. They just try to make their way through the chaos…

The Rebellion: Main objective… The Government is corrupt and must be brought down! Side objectives aid in funding, rigging elections and making loud messages for the Mayor to hear…

Terrorists: The terrorists look to destroy the government at all cost. They are led by a revolving regime and known under many different names with many different motives… but always sure they’ll terrorize and keep chaotic disorder.

Jobs:(***** means new addition)

Government faction:

Mayor: Rules the city with an Iron Fist.

Police Chief: The last line of defense. Must protect the Mayor and the City.

Police Officer: Keeps the order on the streets.

*****T-51b Robo Cop: Overwatch Law enforcement Cyborg

Civilian Faction:

Citizen: Just your average John Doe trying to survive in the chaos.

Store Clerk: A general merchant selling the stuff you sometimes need.

Arms Dealer: Deals in all of Xibalba’s legal weapons.

Doctor: Cures you of Xibalba’s many ills…

Prostitute: Does things for money.

*****Car Dealer: Spawns rentable cars for the people of Xibalba

The Rebellion:

Rebel Leader: Believes the government is corrupt and must be abolished.

Rebel Elite: The Rebellions best and brightest

Rebel: The Rebellion’s Army.

Black Market Dealer: Shady individual that sells illegal goods to all parties.

Terrorist Faction:

Terrorist Leader: Plots Terror on all the inhabitants of Xibalba.

Terrorist Operative: Gives his life at the command of the Terrorist Leader. Provides the group with resources.

Terrorist: Your average suicide bomber…


Urban Shaman: Mysterious person with deep ties to the “Other” side and sells “Magic” items. Somehow controls the destiny of all factions…

*****Evil Dead: The Army of Darkness!

*****One Death: ???

*****Seven Death: ???

Join the server, join the community and forums, ask to be invited to our Steam group! We WILL use your ideas!

(Click Banner to Join Server)

Some of the larger addons:

Evocity1: http://www.garrysmod.org/downloads/?a=view&id=21727

Evocity2: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=ZY279ZCB or http://www.facepunch.com/showthread.php?t=715935

Vehicles: GMOW3 (http://www.megaupload.com/?d=SIT6I79C) and Sickness Models

PCmod2: http://www.garrysmod.org/downloads/?a=view&id=62746

Player models and some of the other stuff: http://www.filedropper.com/chaosaddonspack


Wiremod: See SVN

How does this remind me of my old concept XD

This server is ridiculously fun, it’s nice being having some aspects of an RP game without worrying about getting banned just cuz i felt like murdering the mayor as well as the rest of the police force.

I agree with frost this server is so much fun and it is like no other server i have ever played on, all the admins are nice and you wont get kicked for simply killing the mayor when you are on the police force.

Its mah server of friends. the best one 'round. BETTER THAN VENTMOB!

Thank you guys for your posts, We like to present an offer to those who have seen this add!

Mention this Facepunch add to an admin and receive 10k ingame!!

Participating Admins:

Moze, Synk, Hijax

i loved this RP server by far the best i have played in since every one is very cooperative and play fairly

joinin rite nao

but there is so many god damn textures models and shit

:crying: :crossarms: :crying: :crying: :crying:

Alot of the textures and models are just player models, as for most of the other models/textures you can predownload from the links provided.

Hey guys, good job on the new quick menu. Makes it a lot easier to use or purchase items in a hurry.
Keep up the good work

This is one of the best RP servers on Gmod. It takes the best parts of other RP servers, like jobs, factions, teamwork, etc. and mixes them with a well designed, well formulated deathmatch. I joined Distant Burning for the first time earlier today, and was really impressed by the quality of the features and the surprisingly original experience of the server (as many RP servers follow a very similar regime, without a vast amount of difference).
The admin that was online at the time was great and showed me how everything worked, and how to play. It’s extremely easy to get used to, and the Chaos quickmenu is brilliant. There is a long download time, but this can be shortened by downloading PHX, the vehicle pack, etc. beforehand. and the wait is definitely worth it. You don’t get any idiots shouting “RDM” in the OOC every 5 minutes, the faction system is great (especially when killed by the undead, as you become one and ‘join’ the undead army), and the community is really friendly. The community’s still quite small because the server’s new, so there aren’t masses of people online, but Distant Burning has great potential and I’d recommend it to anyone who wants to try something new.

Wow Nirk, that was really well done! Thank you all for you nice comments!! I hope everyone comes in and checks out and enjoys all our new features. We would love to have everyones feedback.

How do i buy cars.

This map is awesome btw. Could you add me on steam, I have a few questions about the gamemode ID:snurp

Cars are currently “Rentable” which gives you the ablity to drive and lock them, most of them have passenger seats. Car dealers spawn cars which can then be “rented” useing F3, car dealers have keys to any car that says “Unownable”. Be careful someone may just have a slimjim and pop the lock on your car and take off!

**oh yeah i added you BTW

Playing atm. really fun.

I think this might be the best roleplay server currently. It’s kinda a GTA IV style. And there have been huge improvements already between when this was first posted and now. Love the new infamy and Army of Darkness. But I rarely see it have more than 5 people and then I don’t feel like joining… It really needs more traffic and then it’ll take the cake. So I made an account to post a BUMP, JOIN THIS SERVER!

Maybe the admins could schedule a big event to attract people all at the same time?

Does it seem like Moze is making new profiles just to make his server look better? Most of these posters have only one post and it’s in here.


And they all joined about two weeks ago… Hmmm.

Please speak/type using correct spelling, punctuation, grammar, and capitalization.

Most saying good things about this server being good are fake accounts. They all decided to register the same day to say how great the server was ? He’s playing us all as idiots…

Seriously? Haha. All the other posts here aren’t me what so ever, they are people that have come in and said they liked it so, I asked if they would be kind enough to post.


Honestly if we were trying to be desceptive, we would be using a “real/fake” player count to get more ppl.
I’m pretty sure a mod could tell if all those accounts were mine, and would have banned me for filling the forum with usless crap.

Caution Troll Alert!

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