Distress of war


Are they so depressed they can’t notice they’re on fire?

Great editing.


I like it. Good job bro.

“Oh yeah, let’s rest here. Next to these burning corpses of our own men.”


But it does look really good. Some weird stuff happening with the upper left corner fire though. :slight_smile:

It’s grotesque,so stop complaining about burning corpses
I like the picture, the only thing is that it’s a bit oversharped

I like it, but it seems that they’re all without their weapons.

Damn, I was going to do something like this but you’re a lot better at editing in fire than me.

It looks like a draft of something that could have been good. Editing is not about how much things/time you put in a picture: people don’t give a shit. At last they shouldn’t. That’s the end result that is important. Next time pay more attention to details like slobbery textures, bad isolation, sharping, perspective, etc…

yeah u r best great edit

Wow, this is really fantastic. But where’s their weapons?


holy shit, this is so much better than i was expecting. you could’ve gone easier on the sharpening, though, and some of the fire is overly dodge-and-burned.

much, much better than generic shooting offscreen pics. keep it up.