District 9, Custom textures

Okay im about to start a map modeled after the massive space station in the movie district 9. Its going to be hovering over the city and should look as close to the movie icon as possible, but i need some help. If anyone will provide me with textures that are spacey or futuristic it would be a major help. Any metal textures would work

All contributors will have there name in the map.

i really wanna see that movie, good luck on your map, and for the time being i’d use dev textures before you worry about custom textures. Get the map made then worry about the textures

Use photoshop to create them yourself. That way you can make exactly what you like, and you get all the extra credit for it :wink:

I don’t gather textures when i am going to make a map. I will decide what textures i need along the way. And if needed, i make them myself

I think its a spaceship that landed not a space station since its not in space.

well it could work either way, to me it looks like a ship that could be set in orbit and other ships can dock on (i.e. a station)

Wow this looks like a big project, good luck man! By the way the movie looks pretty interesting, though from the trailers its hard to imagine such an advanced race being beaten by humans.