District 9 - MNU helicopter

So I was watching District 9 the other day and I thought “Hmm, it would be hella cool if there were MNU choppers in Gmod,” since there are already other MNU vehicles. I was going to originally post reference pics, but apparently something like this has already been done? I never saw one on gmod.org, so I’m assuming it was either unfinished or unreleased to the public, as evidence by this pic

Soo, here is me requesting that a MNU helicopter be made, at least for public release. If it was already released, then someone should link it here, would be hella cool.


Yeah, there was a whole bunch of D9 projects running though this thread, but in the end only the Arc Gun and MNU Mercs came out alive.

ah, such a pity that thread died.

where is that arc gun in the first picture? looks a lot better than the one released.

Thats not the arc gun, thats the repeater.