District 9 MNU vehicles

Enjoy it or flame me.

This pack contains:

3 Jeep variations
(Command Vehicle, Patrol Unit and Light Armored)

and 2 APC variants
(MNU default and MNU Prototype)

They are NOT driveable! They are perfect for posing and machinimas.

DTmech for porting the models from Frontlines
Sliferz for hexing them
DMGaina (that’s me btw) for reskinning them


Alt link, if anyone dislikes gmod.org:

That is all

:o <3

Holy shit those are sexy.


Now I wantz your babiez morez

Fantastic reskin works!


Anybody have a seperate download for it on somewhere else?

Edited it in the OP, I uploaded it on filebeam.



I seriously jizzed, i was expecting some cheap fast bad model but this is win.

Really Nice.

let me check something . . . . . yep I just shat bricks

Awesome, but I still think you guys should have waited for a big pack.

Awesome 10/10 :smiley:

Sweet, now I don’t have to finish mine.

Someone work on drivable?

Fucking hot.

very nice!
Great film, great vehicles