District 9 "Prawn" Model

The movie District 9 was very good and we recently got a nice model from a character from it in the Releases section. I was wondering if someone would want to create a model of the Aliens from the movie, known as the “Prawns”. I know there’s one model on garrysmod.org but it’s VERY bad and I was hoping someone would want to make a nice one for posing.

Reference Pics:





And if someone really wanted to they could make a basic Prawn weapon:

This is the “Arc Gun” from D9 which fires lightning.

I sure hope someone takes this up!

Those prawn models are complete fails. I as asking for a VERY nice one that would be useful for posing.


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You sayin that shit is AWFUL!?

Yeah they’re not even HD who the fuck would make this it’s not perfect I want the BEST


I guess it’ll have to do.

Man those antennas are modeled completely, that detail.

That shits got more resolution and polygons than the fucking vortigaunt and headcrab models combined.

Default ones.

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Oh god damnit did you even search.

For fucks sake dude.

I think what he’s trying to say is that he wants a newer Prawn Model that looks better then the original (Like the new HD Renamon Model for example.) I for one support this because the current model does need some work including the fact the player model for it is missing animations and the old ones it has are crappy, not only that the ragdoll has a habit of having ‘spasms’ if you know what I mean.

Good fucking luck pal.

The guy who made it made specific animations for it, it aint rigged, you rig it, it will be even shittier.

No matter what prawn model.

I never at any point said I wanted a playermodel. So animations don’t really matter.

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Yes, I did search but I was hoping that if someone did make it that they would make the gun because then they could correctly scale it. If I use oen made by another person, it might suck or not match in size.

A. You must be blind cause i was talking to the other guy.
B. Are you retarded?

I’ve never used them in-game but they look pretty decent to me. The texture is a bit weird but it’s still a pretty nice looking model.

There was a badass CJ someone made in the district 9 thread that model came from (it was way better than the released prawn too)… But he never fucking released it.

Was it the one of Christopher Johnson?

Fuck. I meant Chris. Yeah.

Christopher. Charlie.

That’s what I thought, because I saw a picture of the Christopher Model on the District 9 thread before it died. If we can fine the person who made it or make our own version of Christopher Johnson then would that be an acceptable replacement for the old prawn model?

I think it would if it was pretty good quality.

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No, why do you ask?