District 9 Roleplay


Will this be a DarkRP edit or are you making a roleplay from scratch?

It isn’t your idea. This is pretty much RP.

Also I would like to see some content other than just a bunch of letters, this sounds promising.

If it isn’t DarkRP.

I have not decided if I will use a current gamemode as a base, but if I do it will not be Dark Rp I can assure you of that.

…Are you serious? Also, where is the coding going to come from? I haven’t noticed any information regarding that.

Link me to where someone has said this

Unless you have copyright protection, that little copyright segment at the bottom doesn’t mean squat.

Basic copyright.

Sounds good. Cant wait.

You haven’t answered my question, who is coding the gamemode?

And where did you get the District 9 theme from… OH that’s right… a movie… so it’s not your idea… wait i might go code a D9 rp script right now!

It will most likely be an edit of a current gamemode.

Why do you guys want to pull down everything that lives?

Nigerians < exchange alien weapons for CAT FOOD!?
That made my day.

Yup :slight_smile: Its true too, not lieing.

By copyright protection I mean the power to sue if it gets stolen, which normally costs money.

On the note that they traded there weapons for cat food, it was smart. [sp]Only the Prawns can use the weapons, so really there’s nothing to fear if you give them away for Cat Food, which was like a drug for them.[/sp]

The only problem is that this is sort of encouraging the Prawns to kill the humans, but whatever.

I love how you take yourself so seriously, to the extent where you believe you have to put a copywrite/disclaimer at the bottom stressing that you are not involved with the District 9 film in any way, whatsoever and you believe you have ownership over such an obscure idea.

It is a nice enough idea but it’d be cool if you didn’t make this into a roleplay but explored a different genre. In my opinion RP scripts are an over saturated genre for Gmod.