district 9 RP

Ive just picked up Gmod a few months ago, and I checked out garrysmod.org, went on a crazy Palin style shopping spree (only it was free!) and grabbbed some of that district 9 junk while I was there. I will need to learn how to make npcs, playermodels, models in general, etc. but I still think it would be cool if there was a D-9 rp gamemode. It would need to be a gamemode, like ZS, so that you could choose between MNU and prawn, and hell, maybe even local crazy AK-47 sprayers. there would be NPCs who spawn on the map, who generaly avoid shooting eachother, and if somebody knows how to code a map so that if a prawn enters a certain area mnu will open fire, that would be nice.

so, pretty solid idea? think it could work? Pretty much all credit will go to a team, if I can get one together, cause I cant write code for crap.

nice idea. :slight_smile:


you got anything to bring to the table on that one (charisma not included)?

I like the idea but how would it work ? I think that in a 64 player server you split them up and have the MNU Police the districts.