district 9 vehicle request

what i want is a vehicle of that robot prawn machine. where is shoots and walks/runs. if anyone’s interested please tell me here

i wouldn’t say its possible
the complexity of it would be too much for the game to handle
could try re skinning /modelling the mechwarrior vehicle but it wont do anything but walk

Making it walk is very possible, shooting could be possible, but the mobility and all the weapons from the movie would be impossible.

It would be possible, perhaps as a number of in-vehicle sweps that can only be accessed while in the vehicle.

But still the mobility would be impossible.

No, it just would be fucking hard.

Source can handle all the axis from the robot (arms, legs and seperated movement on Chest/Legs), but doing all the animations and the model itself would be pretty fucking hard.

make it do this


Is that a horse on crack?

is it?

well besides the physics for the weapons are available (vortigaunt lightning and the pulse rifle ‘the machinegun/ energy ball launcher’)



do eeettt

if i did it would be another extremely gay piece of crap on gmod
p.s. the animations are not specifically needed all you need is the chest of it to open like double doors