District9 Roleplay - Ideas

I have spent days searching and searching for a district9 roleplay server that was actually good, that recreated the movie in a serious roleplay enviroment. All i found was one darkrp recreation on gm_atomic that sucked so i am taking it upon myself to re create the movie in as much detail as i possibily can and in doing so provide a awesome roleplaying experiance for all.

I have only just started this project so there isn’t much to show, but rest assured it will be awesome.

Any advice you guys can give will help alot. Also sorry for the short post but i want to get back to it, ill most prob edit it later.

I’ve always wanted to see this, meaning I want to help, but I don’t know you, so i can’t tell if i’d be wasting my time with a 12 year old darkRP player. If you’re not, PM me your steam name and I can help in a few ways.

Na i am not a 12 year old darkrp player. Darkrp is the worst gamemode on Garrysmod and i wouldn’t be caught dead playing it. Also i appreciate your offer, Ill pm you shortly, My thoughts exactly thats why i am doing it :stuck_out_tongue:

Ok, how about you change that avatar then? :3:

Anyway, good luck with this!

Ah, District 9 Roleplay… I used to run a small community that was gonna create the first District 9 Roleplay server. Of course, this was quite some time ago and due to me being an inexperienced asshat it died before it got off ground.
So, are you making the gamemode from scratch? District 9 was a great movie and could definitely be a great RP setting. I could help out if you are serious about this, and have previous Lua experience.

If you can do it, rig up a system that will randomly generate a slum for you. Perhaps use Advanced Duplicator saves of 10 or so styles of shack. Then make a large open map with an MNU base and an empty area for the prawn slum.

Or use the district 9 map?