Disturbed npcs+swep+playermodels etc.

Hey everyone

this request is for two npcs(+swep/playermodel mentioned below) from this movie

wich is Disturbed Land of confusion official video
what i would really want from this is the main figure “disturbed”(the guy with the hood :slight_smile: ) and the soldiers with the black S on the shoulders as npc’s and playermodels of those 2
and “Disturbed” as an swep aswell (just as mr. grundley the zombie guy :D)
where i become him and left clicking makes him punch and right clickin makes the blue power fist he uses in the end/start of the movie where he fly’s up in the air with the fist and falls back down and makes a mega explosion (not as big as a nuke) and kills everything thats hit by the hand/explosion

if anyone could be interested plz make it :smiley:

thanks on forehand -Themonkyfish-

Anyone? :smiley:

… I’ve never heard of anybody being able to create a setting or a model ability that allows the character to fly instantly to the sky …

and come down like a missile …

your asking for allot here mate.

i know but some of it would be good like just the models or npc’s :stuck_out_tongue:

edit it could just be a jump and when he hits the ground from falling after the jump there could be an explosion :stuck_out_tongue:

Possible, but ask in another forum, becuase no one of FP really knows how to code NPC’s besides maybe Terrenteller. He’s in the main mapping forum if you want to find him, make a thread and he’ll appear…

nah alot is asking for a cthulhu ragdoll…

and there still isnt one

that is alot