Disturbing the peace.

Was going through my old screenshot folder after restoring it from my recycle bin and found this string of images and I couldn’t help but think of that song, or maybe I was just listening to it at the time iuno. I know they’re simple, in their time I assume they were meant as a posing and angle practice.




That’s really cool I like it

i love it, good

Tells a story in 3 panels, nice.

10/10 pose, very nice.

Awesome, good work.

Fantastic, so simple yet absolutely fantastic.
Bravo, sir.


Wow tragic;you should use a epic editing to make it more tragic.

How tragic.

Poor guy, just playin’ the blues. So true.

Wheheh, does bring some human rights movie into mind, like maybe that of Martin Luther King.

I’m not gonna point out all the minor stuff, since you said they’re old and you don’t think they’re perfect either, but for example, the colors of the bench and the rest don’t fit well… then again, that is the case in mixing combine stuff with human stuff, but still it stands out more than in the game, for example.

Its cool

very nice.

Thanks for the comments guys, really appreciate it. I’m currently in the slow process of getting back into posing, so it’s good to get some feedback.

Yeah, I regret not having edited them a bit before posting, I’m glad though that the simplicity doesn’t drag them down too much.

you guys are all hypocrites.

You’re a hypocrite for calling us hypocrites.

I’m noticing how if I had just nudged that gun a little to the left it would’ve been perfect.

First panel, the combine on the left has two fingers in the trigger and he isn’t actually holding it. Still looks good though.

The second scene is what makes this great, for me.