DivisionRP thoughts and ideas.

Hey, I’ve just started to develop a new serious RP server, i just wanted to post my initial thoughts and see what you guys/girls think.

Set after the events of the Division game, a team of agents are still in newyork cleaning and returning it to it’s previous state, trying to reclaim the Dark zone.

It’ll be a heavily event based server so im just here to get ideas on what i can have in place for people when no events are taking place, such as npc spawns and stuff, should it ve agents only or give players the option to go rouge?.

Any feedback would be much appreciated im also looking for testers and people to help me develop this.

Add my steam if you are a serious rper looking for something new - khano88

Cheers xx

I played the division a lot, got the season pass and was disappointed when they essentially announced the game would die.

I’d say I’m pretty qualified to say this is one of the dumbest ideas I’ve ever heard. What you’re describing is the division, minus the PvE, minus grinding for loot, minus raids, minus proper NPCs, and then adding the fact that an admin has to be online for anything to happen, then slapping “RP” on the end so people don’t call you out for making the worst clone of the division ever. How the fuck do you even roleplay in the division? It’s a game where you are literally killing people based on what they look like. It’s like doing COD RP, it’s not going to work. Ever.

I gotta disagree on that one ANYTHING can be RP whit enought rules and work

Hey i appreciate the feedback, but i think with enough work and time i could make something quiet enjoyable. Yes at first it’ll be very rocky and yes an admin has to be online for events to take place, but in saying that HaloRP works the exact same way and has been going fairly strong for a long time. Yes it will be basically the Division without all that stuff you mentioned, but maybe some people want to use there imagination and not just grind for the next best weapon, or gaining another level, perhaps someones wants to come on and build a character without having to worry if there gear is good.

So while i appreciate your reply i will choose to continue with the servers creation and continue to try develop a gamemode that people can play and enjoy

Khano88 xx

The server is going to die within a week

Try this instead : An user based server where roles and factions are created by how players react to certain things or are interested in developing something new, leading to user-based events with the occasional assistance of an admin.

An event based RP server that is only directed by staff just doesn’t work because of timezones, work, etc. So try letting the users “build” for you instead of the server already being fully polished to completion upon release, it’d be a way more interesting experience

Edit : If you’re picking Division as a theme prepare for people to let your server die within 3 minutes. I suggest trying StarWarsRP and see if you can be a pioneer at somewhat decent RP servers.

Edit 2 : Also, avoid cockblocking user options with rules, only when REALLY necessary.