DIY - Packaged Blender File - Julia [Tribes: Vengeance]

Julia model extracted from Tribes Vengeance. This is a blender file packed with 7 texture files, two for the body(Color+Normal), two for the head(Color+Normal), three for the hair(Color+Normal+Spec). Three seperated objects: body, face, and hair. These textures are packed inside the blender file, you can extract/output the files through blender(Though I added those same files to its own folder for reference, editing those files will not by itself change how it looks in blender). No armatures. Teeth and tongue. Couple of unnecessary things like 2 lamps and a camera which you can delete at your discretion. Included are various other files that could be useful in a gmod model project. This is my first (and probably last, at least for a while) model preparation release, however I would still like to hear anything you wish I would had taken care of, the most important of which is: Can you actually use this? I hope you can, Have fun!

I can’t see how to upload this to the forums, so here’s an outside link: