Dizztah's Mess - Episode 1

Been a long time since I’ve made a movie.

I liked it.
It had good editing, and it was clever ideas.
It has a sort of new feel, yes its random.
Yes its sort of dumb, but it was different…
A little like dasboshitt but dasboshitt has that sunday morning 50-60 cartonish feeling, this had more of a 90, more modern day horror movie feel.
Plus it was only two scenes, so it wasn’t a robot chicken more like two skits to a video, which is good.
Like to see more.
Only one person has gotten my thumbs up on movies like these, well two.
Kitty and caleb, now its three.
Keep it up, less robot chicken, more of this people.
Also its obvious you spent time on it, with green screen editing, and motion blur, and I don’t know if you used a model made for the film specify, or not, like was the crowbar face
made just for this, if so then bravo on spending time on detail, because its obvious it was thought out.

Scoutking, there are these new things you should check out called paragraphs. But I agree with everything you said

That was cool.

Wow, I actually liked this. The crowbar head thing was both strange and funny, as well as somewhat original. Also, I loved the telekinesis thing, especially the sound that guy made, lol.

Like the other poster said, some of the ideas felt fresh, something a lot of gmod videos like this lack.

Thank’s for the feedback.

Awesome :smiley: