DJ Hero Turntable Model

Hi, a friend of mine is working on a DJ Hero Turntable Swep for GMod, however, I do need a world model and a viewmodel for the Swep. If you could make it, I would GREATLY appreciate it, and I might throw in a reward.

Pictures for reference, for accuracy:

(This one is pretty big.)[/media]
(closeup of the platter)

I could not find any pictures of the bottom of the deck, however, there’s not much to model there, as there is just some cushioned feet, and that’s about it.

If someone could take this up, as I said, I would greatly appreciate it! :buddy:

NOTE: As this is being made for a swep, I do need some proper animations. All I really need is one of the Green button being tapped, the disc on the platter being scrathed (or moved back and forth) with the blue button being pressed. For the crossfader, I just need it being in the middle as a default, and it being slid left to right, and back.

Okay, I replied. Happy now?

Wow. Great reply. Why don’t you just start with A turntable model, then modify it to that?

Well, it would be nice if we had a turntable to GO FROM? Trust me, I looked around well enough before I made this thread. :colbert: