DJ Hero

Can anyone make model’s from DJ Hero?

It’s not on PC so that pretty much dropped the chances of getting them to 5%, plus you never specified what exactly you want ported so nobody would get you anything anyways. You should always put pictures of the things you want, as well.

ahhh i see
thanks ^^

Someone managed to get models for some of the characters from Tatsunoko vs. Capcom, so there is hope.
I’d like to see this done, if for no other reason than to play around with Daft Punk.

getting daft punk from this game would be like getting immortality from god himself

I love Daft Punk ^^
that’s all i want.
there is a Daft Punk thing on but it not great. ;(

Wouldn’t it be possible to acquire the models from the PlayStation 2 version?

Is there a PS2 version? If there is I’d imagine one could.

it’s a shitty game though. but yes there is a PS2 version.