DJ job for DarkRP

I am trying to make this a donator only job but its not working… any ideas?

 TEAM_DJ = AddExtraTeam("DJ", {
        color = Color(4, 251, 251, 255),
        model = "models/player/Hostage/Hostage_04.mdl",
        description = [[Be the DJ of our amazing Club.]],
        weapons = {},
        command = "drug",
        max = 1,
        salary = 100,
        admin = 0,
        vote = false,
        hasLicense = false
		customCheck = function(ply) 
		return ply:GetNWString("usergroup") == "donator" or ply:IsAdmin()

a , missing after hasLicense = false

Okay, that stopped errors but it doesn’t show up for anyone, not even the Donators

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Nevermind, works now! Thank you!

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Actually, do you know how to fix it so that PlayX doesn’t say “Needs admin privilages” when a Donator tries to spawn it? I have allowed it to the user group.

You have allowed in FAdmin? Do you have any other admin mods?

Things like this belongs to DarkRP help thread