Djy1991 uses LetsGroove's model in a machinima

Djy1991 used LetsGroove’s personal model in a youtube machinima, as the title explains carefully.

The whole credit issue has been resolved, for now just congratulate letsgroove on the epic score with Djy1991.

He’s just that pimp.

I’m pissed.

Not even the slightest bit of credit, not even my Steam name.

I’m famous but not at the same time.

He must lurk the PS thread :stuck_out_tongue:

I knew DJY1991 could be a douche sometimes… but this just takes the cake.

He didn’t even use a RECENT version of his skin either.

Wrong section?

What a prick

I once acted the pyro for some of the shots in Ignis Solus and got no credit at all.
Was kinda annoying but I got over it, knowing that the creator is a cool guy.

Anyone have any idea how I can contact him besides comment on his profile? He doesn’t excpet friend invites

It’s not primarily about the video, it’s moreso about how his model got used.

I think he has an account on FP, he must do anyway.


His facebook page.

Well this is the Screenshots and Movies section.

I thought Djy was cool, what a dickhead

Last Activity, 2009.

It’s a freaking model people, cry some more.

A damn good model. Unique, to say the least.

Maybe he searched for a pimp model and found Letsgroove?

Maybe someone on his team had downloaded the model and then gave it to Djy when he heard Djy was looking for a pimp model?

Just theories, but it’s not nice to judge someone so hastily.

If he had been credited like he should’ve been, we wouldn’t care, but, he just jacked the model with no regard for the creator. And it’s a personal model too.


One of these is more than likely the case, especially since that version of the model is old

We’re not crying, but I am certinally atleast a little annoyed that he did not even ask me if he could use it.

Think about it, the model I and some others worked on has just been put in the spotlight of a machinima that he’s going to make money off, and we didn’t even get a section of his video.