DLabel issues

I am just now getting into vgui, and I am having trouble with DLabel. I am making a small buy menu for a gamemode I am working on. It consists of a buy button, a model of the car, and text about the price and car (all on the same line). Everything works, except the DLabel. it just dots out what i put after it i guess runs out of space. I resized it to 200 x 200 (same size as the buy button and picture), still nothing. I used size to componets or soemthing like that and it took away the dots, but mad eit run off screen. /n doesn’t work, either. Is there any way to have it create a new line when it runs out of space on the first?

pic -

Try this.
Create a custom font and set the font size. Then in the DLabel do this

DLabel:SetFont(“Font Name”)

This should work
Bassically set the font name bacuse you mostlikely use the default one which is 10 or 12

not working, I just need a way for it to make a new line when it runs out of room, is there a way to do this?

I have fixed the problem with DTextEntry, but how do i make the background of DTextEntry transparent?

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nvm, i went back to DLabel, as i was using /n instead of
, sorry for my stupidness.