DLabel too small?

Well i made a menu, and i used a DLabel for it but its text is contained in a box. I dont know why.

Heres a picture:

Any help or reason why?

Try Label:SizeToContents()

I did, didnt work D:

A code snippet then would be useful.

function EliMenuSecond()
local frame3 = vgui.Create(“DFrame”)
frame3:SetTitle(“Go Fish 3.0 - -iNf.Saint-”)

	myLabel3 = vgui.Create("DLabel", frame3)	
	myLabel3:SetText( [[I am Eli, a well known treasure hunter. However, I have lost my rod...and leg...catching a strider, so i can no longer fish.
	Even though my tools are gone, i still have a heart for treasure, so if you have any, I'll buy it from you at a..'nice' price.]] )
	myLabel3:SetTextColor( color_white )
	local button1 = vgui.Create( "DButton", frame3 )
		button1:SetSize( 450, 30 )
		button1:SetPos( 50, 75 )
		button1:SetText( "Ouch, sorry. I'll go look for some treasure for you..." )
		button1.DoClick = function() frame3:Close() end

concommand.Add(“answer1”, EliMenuSecond)

Yes its messy, im just testing this feature

A helpful hint for general text writing in derma: don’t use a DLabel. Way too much hassle, and not enough functionality. Instead, do something like this:

[lua]local generic = vgui.Create(“DPanel”,parent)
generic.Paint = function()
draw.DrawText(“This is text!”,“ScoreboardText”,generic:GetWide()/2,generic:GetTall()/2,Color(255,0,0),1)

The Paint function overrides the default drawing, so the panel doesn’t actually show up. The draw.DrawText draws wherever you want and can use whatever color or font you want. You can also use this to draw cool shapes and such.

Epic, thanks a ton. I actually didnt think this was possible!

You can just move myLabel3:PerformLayout() underneath SetText and it will work.

I tested it to be sure. No need to re-do the function.