DListView Getting data from a row

Hey guys.
I am using a DListView to list down a few things, and I was wondering if i can get the data from them?
When i use the function “GetLine”, i get things like: “Panel: [name:Panel][class:Panel][1,0,248,17]” but i actully need the table of the information which is inside the row.



That didn’t work, I’ve ended up using this phrase to get one column’s value

I got another question though.
I’ve just started using table.insert and got quite confused.
This is my code:

local query = { name = curplayer:Nick(), SteamID = curplayer:SteamID() }
table.insert(data_raids, query)
table.insert(data_raids, query)

The print of the first one is ok, but the print on the second one causes it to be a table inside a table, check it out:

		name	=	****
		SteamID	=	**********
2	=	table: 0x4316db80

Got any idea what causes it to be a table in a table?

That’s not how table.insert works, it will always produce a table within a table. If you want to add tables together you want table.Add()

Well why did the first one worked, but the second one didn’t when its exactly the same table that is being inserted?

Seems like that’s a side effect of PrintTable’s recursive table protection. It just doesn’t print a subtable that was already printed during same call.