Dll hacks back again

Beware. A new way to modify the dlls of the game was released on mpgh a couple hours ago. So there will be the same hacks as before again.
I was browsing that forum to see what I need to look out for on the server and saw the post which has now been removed (made private I assume)

And you know what?

VAC will get them all. :v:

More money for the Rust development fund by idiot hackers buying new copies of Rust every time a VAC wave goes out. And, yes, take a guess why any message linking to hacks gets deleted on sight.

Listen to Blue Whale, he always knows what he’s talking about!

I thought you couldn’t get unbanned if you bought another copy of Rust.

A whole new steam account.

All they need to do is make a new Steam account and re-purchase Rust(or any other game that they’d get Vacc’ed in for that matter). Like myself and other people have said: to some of these people, $20 to re-buy the game isn’t a lot to them.

Wow… Brilliant. I have never thought if it like that. bows

That wasn’t garry’s plan, but it’s a useful side effect of the hackers not giving up. If they insist on coming back every time they get VAC banned, Facepunch Studios is happy to take their money and then hit them with another VAC ban when they continue cheating.

They need to increase the cost of the game now.

That’ll just piss people off :v:

Yea I know they will get banned just wanted to put it on here so server admins know to watch out for the old hacks again :slight_smile:

Only problem is it will get to a point were only hackers play the game.

Its already at that point on offical servers, were its hacker vs hacker mostly.

Game will die harshly.

Sounds like DayZ. Whose the best aimbotting speed hacker

SURE they will…ROFL…

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You were browsing for cheats to use and decided to post about it here…A closet cheater…But trying to act legit…

This isn’t entirely true… It just means the game is on… VAC bans… Hackers Detour differently… VAC catches on… VAC bans… Continue Continue…

I know several people who will never be VAC banned because they are able to subvert VAC and then don’t release what they made to anyone so it becomes very difficult to know exactly what they are doing.

You still see aimbots on Counter Strike Source even today… and it has a 10x better implementation of VAC then Rust does.

The real success here is that Collision is server side… which prevents many hacks from working period… VAC is not a silver bullet.

They should make copys $70

make it real expensive for these muppets

Banned someone before jumping into the sky and complaining through voice chat that his aimbot wasnt working. Didnt think he realised who he was doing it in front of

Just on there just to see what to look out for… Yea ok then…
Now step back and think about this, why would people of a hack community remove a hack thread? You did not know if it was real or not so that can be the case, Could be password locked or a scam/virus/fake etc…
You have based this all upon assumption because you saw some text saying its possible.
If I make a thread there saying Hack that gives you admin powers and give a link would you believe it? No.
Until it is seen and proven then this is actual news.

Cheats/hacks from MPGH and many other public cheats get detected rather quickly by VAC, just sit back and relax.

Read the stories about people getting unfairly vacced on the steamforums, you won’t regret it. (hue)

They won’t be able to noclip anymore.

That’s really the only hack I couldn’t deal with as an admin.