DLL module to disable VAC

Is there any DLL module I can download to disable Valve Anti-Cheat? You know, so I can use Cheat Engine and stuff without risk of getting banned. Clientside DLLs basically enable all kinds of code to be executed without risk of a VAC ban, so I’m sure this is possible. Please, nobody fill up this thread with stuff like “don’t cheat” or stuff like that, I don’t want to ruin the game for others. If you think that way, this isn’t the thread for you.

Short answer - No.
Long answer - Noooooooooooooooooo.

I’ve heard that VAC isn’t active in GMod, but I don’t know the details at all. There’s probably any number of people who know the answer, though—you might ask in the #luahelp IRC channel, though you’ll probably get made fun of.


VAC is enabled - but in a crippled form. Its only purpose (As far as I am aware) is anti-piracy (Although the “latest” GMod cracks would appear to bypass this, as I have seen VAC secure cracked servers (Example , It’s a shit server, don’t bother joining it))

VAC does not ban, and will never ban until Garry decides to spent a while looking into why it doesn’t (Which I doubt he will)

For example, if you look at my Steam page, you can see that I am not VAC banned. I have however used:

Cheat engine memory editing
Cheat engine speedhack
Detours (Basically memory editing via a Lua module)