Dm_skyscrapers (My first map)

I created the barebones map as a small, close-quarters deathmatch arena. As the name would suggest, it’s the first map I’ve created, and I would love feedback. In the future I do plan to add more detail once I’m much more familiar with the program, but as of right now, the map is finished.

PS: I did have some props like doors and vents on the skyscrapers but they disappeared after I built the map. They were detail props, shouldn’t have moved. Not sure what happened there.

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There’s virtually no cover on the map.

Maybe this would fit more in the Waywo thread, since it’s a work in progress and, not to be mean since this is your first map, it’s not really deserving of a whole thread for itself.

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how do that?

here is the waywo thread

how do i delete/move this thread to there

This reminds me of a map i used to play in cs 1.6.
It had 2 tall buildings. In one building terrorist would spawn and in another building cts would spawn. It had tone of breakable boxes as cover.
You can also fall down from the buildings and at the bottem there was water that you can land on and fight there aswell.

I just added a thing at the bottom that instantly kills you

Working on cover since I see how little there is now

“but as of right now, the map is finished.” so that was a lie lol

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What I’d suggest if you’re just using this map mainly as a training map is to stop using this thread and let it die and use the thread that Grodbert suggested. We’ve been trying to decrease the amount of threads on the forums.

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