this was a map i worked on for a couple weeks it was releaced a couple weeks ago but its done and heres 1 a download link

2 a video sorry about the music i had it auido swaped

What is there to say? This map is blocky, lights don’t have sources, your cubemaps look messed up, random props everywhere. No real theme to be a bar.

the old verson was supposed to be a remake of ts_bikini from the specailists mod but i couident grasp the textures look and feel the lighting i cant rly fix because displacements lights fall through em some phys textures cant be in the game because css has some rubbish phys the props are cover it floows a bar theme just fine the ct’s spawn near a grassy vinyard the t’s spawn near a pool and the bar is in the center thares was some beer crates but source dident want em as phys props the lights do have a source thares a env_sun you just gotta look for em.

I’m talking about the lights on the walls and shit, they just magically appear there. What are you talking about for the displacements? I can’t understand what you are saying really.

Thanks for the laugh.

ya i know im not great with lighting i never rly thought about it like that you can remake it if you want just get vmex and recompile the .bsp into a .vmf file ill just make lighting seem more real when i make future maps


youre welcome.

Yes, because a bar look’s like this.

Holy shit there’s a period key for a reason.

Also this map looks REALLY blocky and the texturing is horrendous. When you make your walls make them realistic - look around your house and estimate wall sizes from there. Walls are not usually 5-feet thick, and ceilings aren’t .05mm thick either. Additionally, buildings usually have floors, not grass, and rooms are generally built out of the same wall material, or at least painted the same color. The textures do not line up with the ground, and sometimes tile oddly (Specifically the brick one that has a bottom to it that is repeated as it goes up the wall). Align your textures with the floor and think to yourself when selecting textures “Will this work if it has to repeat itself?”

What I think you need is just a bit of practice, and to really polish a map and get it to look good before you release it. If you’re looking for mapping help, the half-wit tutorials can really help you out and teach you some of the more complicated bits of mapping.

I’m going to jump on the bandwagon and say this is blocky aswell. Not to mention that some of the things like the prop placement and material brushwork are really unlogical (ex. There shouldn’t be grass growing inside a building). If this is your first map, then just improve on it and practice.

add door frames, add light props, etc…

Mommy look I can map!

My favorite part is that he didn’t know how to rotate props.

This map is awesome, good job! I love it!

This looks like a Counter-Strike 1.6 map

Typical CS custom map. Blocky, ugly, lights without sources (this one lacked the fullbright feature, sadly…), and bad texturing.
I wouldn’t give it anything special, but good try. Next time try using the 4 or 8 grid.

You used roof texture on ceiling.