DM_Chase by Leaktek collaboration - A shanty town map made in 2 weeks
Authors Stinger and **Hiyougami
**​A CQB map for Source involving parkour and pain.

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> Short video that describes the entire development process

We are LEAKTEK. This was made in two weeks. Have fun!

Holy shit, I remember the base blocks of this, two weeks ago

hiyougami + stinger i must bow down to you.

Don’t forget Stinger.[/thumb]

Two weeks facepunch, Step it up! :v:

School in two hours, WORTH IT.

so… tired… -_-

brb, masturbating furiously

Anybody willing to host sometime? c:

Awesome lightning. Skybox looks kinda empty though

Wow, awesome. Reminds me of Shadowrun.

Hiyougami, you never fail to impress. Ever.

I’ve got to say the map looks wonderful but some of those brick textures look sort of… nasty? Not sure what the word would be for it.

For example, here:

Me and Hiyo played HL2DM on this last night. The SLAMs make it really interesting, there’s a lot of places where you can cut off with explosives. I can only imagine what it would be like if a 6v6 match were on this.

You really don’t notice the texture issues in-game when you’re in combat, it’s really intense and the color palette provides really good camo for the Rebel models. I was standing right in front of Hiyougami and he didn’t even see me until I started shooting at him.

Parkour and PAIN

It looks like it’d be a lot of fun to play and it seems like you put a lot of thought into gameplay. There are a lot of texture misalignments and the skybox looks empty, but I like the lighting.

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It doesn’t really look like a shanty town to me, but it’d be hard to make an accurate one without a lot of custom content, I imagine.

Bad normal map, inverted, over blurred or badly auto generated. To fix make a custom height map for it then feed that into crazy bump instead of the diffuse. Have each brick to be more brighter than the cemembnt behind instead of other way round.

Great stuff, as always. You should totally add V-Ray to this.

Great piece of work! You should make more.

…Kill me guys.

I was trying to be sarcastic about how overdone the lighting is in the map, but looks like you didn’t quite pick up.

Your brick textures’ normals seem really off though I’m sure you can rework those. Other than that I like the shanty town style you approached.

Scaled too large I would say.