Past Christmas, I know, I have my reasons.

I had no intended purpose for this map, though it’s built for Death-match. Its only purpose was to provide something beautiful to play/create with Garrysmod. Merry (late) Christmas everyone!

All custom content within the map was created by me.


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Oh and if anyone knows how to upload larger files to, that would be great.

To stop the music type “ent_fire music stopsound” into your console

holy shit

Well it’s about time we got another decent neighborhood map. Now to wait for Dalton to finish his.

(Sorry, it’s just that I have an obsession with neighborhood maps in Source.)

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Also, is there a way to turn off the music?

“ent_fire music stopsound”

Wow, it looks awesome ! Good work !

Fucking beautiful, I thought it was a photo.

Bad name though, in my opinion.

I love those Christmas lights.

What the fuck. The command was working the first time but now whenever I typed it in the console, the music would still be playing.

Daaaamn son. Keep up the good work

Make sure you have sv_cheats on

It always has been on, but typing in “ent_fire music stopsound” still doesn’t seem to work.

Oh well, I may as well just deal with it. Not really a big problem anyway.

Amazing work. I thought it was a actual photo for a second. Good job!

I was looking at the thread name, and i was like “Oh god, another one”… Then I came here, and I’m very happy that I was wrong, this map is absolutely amazing, great texture usage, nice architecture, and very nice overall … A+ work here

it should be, he created that Christmas bungalow too.
and that zs_obj_vertigo.

that is awesome there.

name reminds me of leprechaun in the hood

for some reason, the name reminded me of christmas in hollis

Looks great, hopefully someone or some where this map gets used. I get really upset when a mapper pours out hundreds of hours into a map just for it to sit there and gather dust.

Aye… having plenty of trouble at the moment, lots of bugs. :suicide:

Anyways, this map is beautiful! Good work.

Home Alone!

Source engine is outdated. Bullshit. Sorry for reviving this thread.