hello im not the creator here but this map needed some attention

its a total recreation of hollywood holocaust map (episode 1 part 1) from duke nukem 3D in source engine

it has many cool things like:

  • many buttons
  • arcade room with working holoduke and claw machine (hard as hell)
  • working destruction button on the map end
  • breakable stuff like toilets
  • secret rooms from the game
  • some duke lines is also on this map
  • and more you can find by yourself

i also noticed the explosive cans have like an infinite loop on that annoying thruster sound so if
this happens just use: stopsounds, command in console

its ment for hl2 dm but it also works fine for gmod

heres a vid of the map:

Map Download:

Custom Models by Paul Marsh [Majority off Assets] & Christopher Glerum.
Level Design by Christopher Glerum
Duke Nukem was created by 3D Realms so kudos to these guys go first :slight_smile:

so credits go to the creators not me!

Looks friggin sweet!

This looks amazing.

Probably the best looking map posted here in a long time.

Holy christ, this looks cool!

Hail to the mapping king, baby.

Always bet on Duke.

I love you, OP.
Marry me?

This is a truly great find.

yeah found it randomly on youtube and it looked great! i downloaded it and played it my mind was blown away, this is one amazing map. i only miss duke nukem npc’s and weapons, that would be awsome on this map!

Now we need a Duke ragdoll.

there is.

you looked at tf2 update story from DasBoSchitt?

well i did and i never found any ragdoll of duke on any download page…

Not that low poly piece of shit.

We need something up to-date on todays standards.

true, shit but thats the only thing.
unless you wait for 2053. (you guessed it.)


the map has many good stuff, like the nuke that crashes game, the flipping chimp at the movie(ITS ON ICE!) ,the detail at the cubicles. the passageways, the duke nukem content. and the holographic device.

well the nuke is no problem for me. and lol 2053 hahahah if somebody going to port duke nukem forever models i will be happy and its this year not like 42 years in the future haha

This map is very good as a replacement for the roof level from MK:

awsome! nice picture there.

good way of using the map to your advantage in combat

The map is indeed highly detailed and well built, but there are several serious problems with the map, starting with the absolutely ridiculous filesize of the map for how small it is. The map is a whopping 300 MB, which more or less killed it from the moment of its release.

The ridiculous BSP size stems from several things, of which the biggest is the movie clip in the theater being an astounding 21 MB VTF. The music in the level is uncompressed and takes up another 20-30 MB, and ALL of the custom textures are also uncompressed, which take up 4 MB a piece, and there are a ton of them. There really isn’t an excuse for this, other than the mapper was extremely sloppy in his work.

Other niggles in the map are the movie clip in the theater is obnoxious, loud and disruptive to gameplay. He could have used a much smaller loop to save space on both the audio and video. The lightning could have used a sound other than the power transformer explosion, since again, it’s loud and obnoxious and annoying having it repeat every 5 or so seconds. The vent from the bathroom to the projection room is useless because it’s so small that you can’t get in it.

Due to the size of the map, nobody can download it from the server due to the 64 MB filesize limit, unless you have HTTP downloading, and even then it will take an absurd amount of time to download for clients with slower connections. Not many servers are going to run this map due to those problems.

The textures and sounds could be compressed and the map modified to use the compressed sound via entspy, but that would be a pretty big undertaking for little gain.