dm_halo3_foundry_v2 is for death match for css and gmod, im going to make a empty one aswell with spawn-able boxes, etc, just for gmod. i lost the origonal thread for this map because ive hardly had the time to map but now that i had alot of free time since im trying to find a job i thought i would work on this map again so here it is.

heres some pic’s to show u what it is like so far.

ive been working on this for a while since my first foundry map that you can find on . theres still alot of things i need to fix on this map like lighting, textures and other stuff. i might release the beta or ill release the map finish soon if i feel like it.

needs more phys props.

I hate maps that have “gm_redux_beta_v3_alpha_x1_dm_rp” bullshit in it, remove the halo 3 so it’s “DM_Foundry_V2”

Apart from that it’s nice :smile:

That is a sweet looking map!
nerdy glee

Make sure you make the props in the space physics, so we can move them around and build like in forge.


That would be kickass

Top it off with a model pack so we can legit forge, it’ll be like forgeworld with more tools.

No where near bright enough. Also the light colors are ugly.

Pretty good but lighting needs fixing.

Ill try to make a models pack for it so u can “so to speack” forge. but that will be for empty version for this map.

like i said at the top the lighting does need fixing.

it would be nice if some1 made a griffball gamemode, then i could make a griffball map for them XD

It looks rather nice. :smiley:

I can haz new mombasa ad texture?

Great Bump :colbert:

That warehouse area reminds me of the inside of the Titans in BF2142

Yes you can, I hope you know how to use vtfedit, etc.
If you can not then, what the hell. I could do it for you.
I lost all my maps, textures and everything which I made for you.
Because my computer died so I am unable to send you my fully working new mombasa sign.

The original.

RIP Halo 2 map.



I have no idea how to use VTFEdit, but I know my way around Hammer. I’m actually working on something big right now, which is why that Welcome Ad would come into use.



Very well thought out post.

Looks very nice. I like how you didn’t just brush it out, but you actually made textures and propper lighting. Or ported textures.