any suggustions? It could be used for FW

it has a whole shitload of “Huge” walls and 2 small buildings (I call them shacks"

This is my first map.
i designed it in the HL2 game w/e u wanna call it hammer Hl2 config their ya go.



need pics before i download this !!! add pics then i’ll download

ok i just added pics

If you’re not trolling, then please, go to or something and read some tutorials before you ever start mapping again.

This was my first map T_T


This was my first map T_T

I found the error in your compile log, good sir.

Jokes aside, it’s really not a good idea to release your first map. There are millions of fullbright first map boxes knocking around out here and they are without exception, terrible. Take a look at more tutorials, especially regarding skyboxes and lighting.

Hate to have to break it to you man, but “this was my first map” doesn’t work around here. You gotta seriously look at your map, then compare it to others. Yes, it is nice that you made a first try, but try looking at some of these other maps in the release section. Does your map really compare to that? Do you really think people are going to be nice about it? Here’s some tips:

Lighting - Always make sure your map has some kind of lighting before releasing. Never release a fullbright (unlit, and therefore the engine lights everything up completely) map.

Texturing - Always use different textures for walls and floors and ceilings. You never want a map where you’re in a room with everything textured the same.

Hope that helps :wink:

ahh so shitty textures…

not to mention BaconBot.

I cant believe you’ve done this.

I can’t believe you seriously thought it was a good idea to release this.

thanks this map rocks

Don’t release your first map!

I’m full of this fullbright shit.

You’ve taken a big step my friend… you’ve retexterded 4 brushes, congratulations

Four excuses that don’t work round here.

  1. First map: There are so many tutorials out there now that this is no excuse
  2. Beta/Alpha/Dev/Prelight test: We don’t want to see these. The closest to final you should release is and RC…basically a final bug test, but otherwise complete.
  3. Major bugs: if they are that major, you should have fixed them right?
  4. Not a professional mapper: Most people round here aren’t professional mappers, but they can usually work out how to add lights.

This map is poorly designed, has no purpose, lighting or props. Do not release any of your maps until they cover those three points. Plan the map, take time over it and add detail. Hopefully you won’t release any of this standard again.

You sir, have NO AA

Use it.


Use it.

This map is :krad:

Do you know your alphabet? Alpha comes before Beta.


And they are all Dev stages.


And I’m pretty sure this is just a troll.

Hum guys, I think he understood…