dm_library - A small HL2:DM map.

This is my very first map from earlier this year. It’s based on an actual library near where I live. There’s a couple of issues with it, such as you kind of bounce off the stairs if you sprint up them, and the bookshelves are breakable, allowing you to expose a spawn point.

Overall, though, I’m very pleased with it for my first serious attempt at mapping. Unfortunately, the .VMF file was on my old PC, so I can’t go in and fix the aforementioned issues with it. Ah well. :confused:

Looks very good, I like it, but it has somewhat bad lighting. But for a first attempt at mapping its very, very good.

I’m generally very picky about the maps I download, but something about this map really grew on me. I think it might actually be the simple design. It’s not the absolute best looking, but the general layout there’s nothing wrong with. It functions like its meant to, and the sort of style with the layout of the props and rooms reminds me of the Goldeneye 64 multiplayer maps. It felt nostalgic, and I liked it.

Hey, thanks for the positive comments! :smiley:

Oh this brings back memories. Waaaay back in ARKain, ‘beta testing’. Good times.

My library is cooler.
It’s a small castle on the top of a hill surrounded by dead trees and a graveyard.

and aways a little kid has to say his blocky fullbright map is better than this one :sigh:

Real life.

A first map that doesn’t suck.
The world changes today.

A pretty decent effort there, Mac.

Looks cool !

Nice! Finally we’re getting some good first maps, maybe this will become a trend and we’ll stop seeing full bright maps that have a block with a triangle on top that they call a house.

It’s pretty cool when people model maps after real places, I’ve wanted to do something like that for a while, but I can never get around to it. Good job!

The brushwork and detailing is decent, but the lighting is horrible. It’s too white and dark. Lights IRL are more yellow/orange. This map would be so much better with a good lighting. Also, use light_spots instead of lights.

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I thought light_spot’s were only for effect?

Look, I used one on the front of the building and combined it with a light entity.

Light_spot is used to create a realistic spotlight-like lighting, but it works with any other light too. Point_spotlight is used to create a cool spotlight beam effect, works well in many places if used correctly.

Somehow i have missing texture O_O