I successfully created a HL2DM Null G map.
Gave it two blue lights with brightnesses of 20000 for a futuristic battle room look.
When sv_gravity is set to 0, the two black walls on the ends of the map serve very well for rebounding.
Also, a bit of bunnyhopping knowledge is ideal for knowing how to rebound.
The two ramps on the side are also spawn points, which can be used for jumping.

It almost doesn’t look like shit :buddy:

If it almost doesn’t look like shit, I’ll take suggestions to make it not look like shit.

It’s just not pretty. You see… It’s mostly flat… Blocky and stuff, and the blue rapes my eyes.

The idea isn’t to be complex. It’s a simple futuristic battle room, not an eye-candy landscape.

But I’ll see what I can do with the colors and not lose the effect where the orange dev texture appears black.
Also trust me that it looks a lot better in action.