dm_warehouse, CS:S map. ( I think it's bad, TBH. )

I have made a map for CS:S, named DM Warehouse, it’s basically a tiny, shit warehouse ( I think it’s not good at all, worse than that ORANGE map I was working on.)
I have showed a few friends, and they said it was fine, I am not so good at mapping, and please give constructive criticism, I don’t want this to turn out like that piece of shit orange thread that you dickheads wrecked.
Anyway, screenies:

And yes, it’s low fps because I put the AA to 16xCSAA, my computer ain’t too good with that

Don’t clutter the forums with it then.

If you’re not happy with it, don’t post until you are.


And calling us dickheads because you’re talentless isn’t the way to get on with people around here.

Well, I did want some criticism though.

Light is too yellow.
Textures are highly repetitive.
The entire map is blocky as a block can be.
The textures are ugly.
Walls randomly vary in thickness.
Props are randomly set in the map, and serve no purpose.
There don’t seem to be any entrances or exits to the room, so how those barrels got there in the first place, is a mystery.

Only post a map YOU are happy with. You can’t expect others to like it, if you don’t like it yourself.

Fuck. But my friends said it was fine.

Friends tend to be too nice about maps. It’s like why you shouldn’t test your own maps.

If you are not happy with it, don’t release it until you are.

Mabye you should add something that you can hide behind instead of a big open area?

Compile your map with -final to get rid of the yellow + black squares.

You need to work alot on detail. If its a warehouse, make it look like a warehouse.

The ceiling looks like a giant mattress

Since you’re mapping for CS:S, don’t take any opinions from CS:S players seriously.

Most CS:S players think this is what a great map looks like:

God damnit I hate CS:S players.

Yeah sucks, Could make that map in a minute.


And that map’s gameplay is worse than its design. The laggy props everywhere make flawless barricades.

I kinda feel like making a zombie mod map now, just because you reminded me of how low their standards are.

I remember that from one of Ph0ne’s “trolling” videos

Okay, it sucks. I get the point.


Oh and my previous map, has actually been youtubed, I’m quite happy about it, but I might update it, and add more detail.


I’m going to fix the holes, too, and get rid of them lights, in that glass chamber.
That map was made over a year ago. I reckon, I had more potential back then, rather than now.

Why dont you try make a good looking map rather than these CS:S pieces of shit.

Try mapping for L4D if you own it, that’s really fun to map for.

Don’t call my maps a piece of shit then, CRITICISM!
No, I don’t own L4D.

It was criticism. Maybe not constructive, but it was indeed criticism.

If you don’t own L4D try mapping for HL2 EP2 if you don’t have that then just HL2, if you don’t have that just use HL2DM, free if you got an nvidea card

Wait, so you call your map shit yourself but you get mad when other people call it shit? Hmm…

Too blocky, horrible textures and unbelievably horrible ceiling.
This map receives… -10/10 points for awesomeness