DMC (Devil May Cry) Katherine model port from XnaLara.

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Good day or night sirs and madams. This is my first port ever, and also my first thread in this forum, so, please, correct me if i made a mistake somewhere. *
As you can see by the thread name and pictures above, it is Garry’s Mod port of our lovely helper Kat, from Ninja Theory’s and Capcom’s game - DMC. I’ve ported this model from XnaLara, so credit goes to SumireHaikuXna, who rigged and uploaded XnaLara’s model. But, all credits for original model and character goes to
* Ninja Theory** and** Capcom**, because they are the ones who created her in a first place. My work on this model was just in porting it from XnaLara to Garry’s Mod, to share with another gmoders. So, she is:
Eye-,face-,fingerposeable, and really flexible (kinda too much). She has 6 bodygroups and 4 skins.
Ninja Theory and Capcom - creating orginal model,textures, character.
SumireHaikuXna - porting model to XnaLara.
I also used some of faceposing parameters from XnaLara model, and they was made by Crofty, so i assume, that i must list her too.
Thanks for your attention, and again - if you’ve found any errors or mistakes, please let me know.

So, i was long enough working on these two, and after nine years (or something like that) in development, hopefully it would have been worth the wait. Let me introduce you to Vergil and Dante: famous sons of Sparda from Capcom’s and Ninja Theory’s game - DMC, now in Garry’s Mod!
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Some information:
They are both eye-,finger-,face-poseable. Their jackets are poseable via joint tool:
Dante has four bodyroups for his hair, amulet, shirt and golves. He also has six skins for his default, Devil Triggered, injured, white haired, Dark (DLC) or Hollow (DLC) versions.
Vergil has two bodygroups for his amulet and hair, and three skins for his default, injured or evil versions.
More information on pictures above.
P.S. Dante was a tough guy to port, because I wanted to make as much bodygroups and versions of him in one model as i could, so I had to rerig him in order to make him more comfortable to use in Garry’s Mod. I hope that I’ve managed to do it.
P.P.S. Don’t forget about Rinflect’s awesome DMC Weapon ports there: , they are really sweet, like, demonically sweet.
But, as was stated above, i just have ported these two into Garry’s Mod from XNALara, so there is a lot of awesome folks to thank for creating and porting them to XNALara in the first place.
Ninja Theory and Capcom - creating orginal models,textures, characters.
MrGameboy2013 - XNALara ports of Dante with and without jacket models, which were the base for GM model.
SumireHaikuXNA - different skins and textures, which i have used in this model (Devil Trigger textures, White Hair, Dark Costume DLC, Hollow from Vergil’s Downfall). I also used different hair style from hers White Hair Dante, as bodygroup, so lots of props to her :slight_smile:
MakiRepent - for her Injured Dante retexture.
Sticklove member !RoxasKennedy - XNALara port and rig of default Vergil model. I have also used faceposing flexes from that one.
MrGameboy2013 - XNALara ports of Vergil’s Downfall DLC models, from which I took some textures and different hair types.
And of course, Kingzzo for his help in testing models and pointing out some of their errors to me. Your help was very helpfull, thank you :slight_smile:
Thanks for your attention, and again - if you’ve found any errors or mistakes, please let me know. I will be glad to see any feedback from all of you :slight_smile:
P.S Sorri for may bed engrish.
P.P.S Links are up again, sorry for inconvenience.


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Very nice! It’s pretty rara to see XnaLara ports, so thanks a lot.

Fantastic model the body groups are sweet. Thanks for the hard work and sharing this with us.

Such a excellent work for being the first port :smiley:

Your first port? I am impressed. Thanks for sharing your hard work with us. I really like this model:smile:

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