dmc_1on1_bsteps (Deathmatch Classic duel map)

I know not many people play Deathmatch Classic anymore (which is a damn shame if you ask me), but for nostalgia’s sake I decided to make a map for it.

It’s not a very complex map, its layout is similar to that of fy_iceworld, but hopefully it’s still a fun map to frag about on.

If anyone here still plays this forgotten gem, here’s a download page.

I’m glad to see someone still mapping for an old game like this.

Someone should make a FP DMC Steam group so we can all get together and play now and then. As it is now, I only come across a single, silent player on the rare occasion, amidst a crowd of bots, and he often disconnects after a few minutes… so sad.

I still play that game sometimes, I love it. I’ll give that map a try too.

but if OP wants more people to play his map, he could try to convert/ recreate it for, say, hl2dm

but that would defeat the purpose, I made this map specifically to draw people’s attention to the game again, get more people to play DMC

besides, I already madea HL2DM map with a similar layout (that contains a secret that ties into an in-development mod of mine, btw)