DModelPane alternative

Hello, I am making a vehicle store in which I want to display an image of what the vehicle looks like. At the moment I am using a DModelPane, but in the list of vehicles this really causes a huge laggspike when opening the store. I am looking for alternatives but SpawnIcon seems to be weird (Draws blue boxes when hovered, is click-able, is right-clickable, and when zoomed in, the image is very unsharp). Is there any alternative in which I can show the vehicle without the client lagging out?

thats because you didnt precache the model and try to render a few at the same time.
Precache or cut down

Precaching about 300 vehicles, that sounds quite overkill to me?

Displaying 300 DModelPanel’s at once sounds like overkill to me… cut down on the amount of vehicles you have or split them into distinct catergory’s so you don’t have to render 300 at once.

I will, but then you’ll still have the laggspike before showing them. Caching 300 models is not do-able I assume

Should be alright, PreCaching will stop the server freezing for a second when spawned aswell

Precaching 300 vehicle models is fine? Alright then