DModelPanel , I need some help !

Hi mates. I have some questions about DModelPanel.

My problem in picture:

On this picture, my playermodel dont have any problem but my HUD doesn’t work.

On this picture all is work. So I don’t understand the problem.

Here my DModelPanel:

function Shard_DrawHUD_Player(ply, x, y)
	Shard_Player_MDL = vgui.Create( "DModelPanel" )
	Shard_Player_MDL:SetModel( ply:GetModel() )
	Shard_Player_MDL:SetPos(x, y)
	Shard_Player_MDL:SetSize( 115, 115 )
	Shard_Player_MDL:SetCamPos( Vector( 38, -15, 64))
	Shard_Player_MDL:SetLookAt( Vector( 0, 0, 42 ) )
	function Shard_Player_MDL:LayoutEntity( ply ) return end

Sorry for my bad English, I’m a Baguette^^

Don’t see a difference between the 2 apart from an error and no error. what u mean ‘hud not working’

This is the problem^^ Don’t understand why I have this error

HUD That you use?


From scriptfodder?

Yep, but I have the same issue with my personnal HUD. Don’t understand…

I follow instructions from the wiki DModelPanel.

contact the script owner

Isnt an addon problem… I just Need more information about DModelPanel and custom models…