DModelPanel [ItemStore Addon] is very buggy

Hello Community,
I installed ItemStore and added some Items, but they will be rendered crazy

(IGNORE THAT LITTLE WINDOW in the MIDDLE OF THE SCREEN]!!! ( i had solved this).

But the Apple Item is rendered with a Offset or s.o. in the Middle of the Screen and then cut away because if i move the window something like a DrawUV

Sorry for my ugly m$$$$tpaint.exe

And here is the ItemVgui Code:

local PANEL = {}

AccessorFunc( PANEL, "Item", "Item" )
AccessorFunc( PANEL, "ContainerID", "ContainerID" )
AccessorFunc( PANEL, "Slot", "Slot" )

function PANEL:Init()
	self.BaseClass.Init( self )

function PANEL:Paint()
	surface.SetDrawColor( itemstore.config.SlotColour )
	surface.DrawRect( 0, 0, self:GetWide(), self:GetTall() )
	self.BaseClass.Paint( self )

function PANEL:PerformLayout()
	if ( self:GetItem() ) then
		self:SetTooltip( self:GetItem():GetName() .. "
" .. self:GetItem():GetDescription() )
		self:SetModel( self:GetItem():GetModel() )
		mn, mx = self.Entity:GetRenderBounds()
		local size = 0
		size = math.max( size, math.abs(mn.x) + math.abs(mx.x) )
		size = math.max( size, math.abs(mn.y) + math.abs(mx.y) )
		size = math.max( size, math.abs(mn.z) + math.abs(mx.z) )

		self:SetFOV( 90 )
		self:SetCamPos( Vector( size, size, size ) )
		self:SetLookAt( (mn + mx) * 1 )
		// ^^Also tried another^^ Method but don't work ^^
		//self:SetCamPos( Vector( 0.5, 0.5, 0.5 ) * min:Distance( max ))
		//self:SetLookAt( ( min + max ) / 2 )

vgui.Register( "ItemStoreItem", PANEL, "DModelPanel" )

I cannot see any reason, why it renders like this!

Try buying it.

Why do you think I bought it?
I got that Addon from a friend!

And also it doesnt make sense if i buy it or not. The Error makes mightbe more sense than your post!

But if you think i am a leecher you can just look for Simple Weather!!

Even if you got it from a ‘friend’ that is still against the license and you are using leaked scripts.

Why is it a leaked script if it was from an old server where we used that “Gammanetwork” “Gammanetwork” was running some years but the server stopped and so i got the script. but anywhy if you think i am an asshole you can report me and i get banned. so you are happy and the “EVIL” is banned.