DModelPanel make static!

I’m trying to make this entity not move at all! Like completely static.
But he keeps like tilting his head back and forward (Almost like a breathing animation).

		local pic = vgui.Create("DModelPanel",cardbase)
		pic:SetModel( LocalPlayer():GetModel() )
		pic:SetSize(75, 75)
		pic:SetCamPos(Vector( 16, 0, 65 ))
		pic:SetLookAt(Vector( 0, 0, 65 ))
		function pic:LayoutEntity( ent )
		return end




“pic:SetAnimated(false)” Alrady in my code.

I don’t think you can stop the player’s animation because a breathing animation is layered on or something.

The best thing you could do is individually set all of the bones in the same position with BuildBonePositions and

Entity:AddCallback constantly

use SetAnimSpeed and set it to Zero.
pic:SetAnimSpeed( 0 ), meaning all animations will deplete.