.DMP and .MDMP dump files, how to use it?

My server(and all another) sometimes crashes, when server crashes he save .DMP file in /root/bin directory.
I read in wiki then this files can tell you reason why your server is crashed, but i can’t open it.
Plz, help me, anybody know how to open it and use?

Load into Visual Studio and have fun with debugging.
P.S Oh crap linux server. Then maybe use gdb for that?

thx morfin, but can i get usefull information from it and find reason of crashes?

Sure, or:


it’s hard to read, how i can edit it to transform this to the normal text?

Open it in notepad.

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To make it normal text.

well, you can get usefull information out of it. the problem is will you understand it? because you’ll have to have pretty much programming experience and must roughly know how the source engine works and how it is implemented in dedicated servers.

It’s useless without the sourcecode or debug-symbols. You mostly can’t do anything.