DMR replacement for Hunting Rifle

I want to take the DMR from Halo and I’ve gotten some of it done.

How would I go about getting this into L4D. I’ve noticed there are NO tutorials on how to make weapons for the game. Would it be no more than replacing the hunting rifle in the SMD with this once its completion or is there more?

I am making this in Blender BTW


I mean, I know what to do to get it into Garry’s mod. Is it the same process exactly just using the generated qc?

Got some new pics. This is in now way the final texture, but I wanted to see what a texture

Scope looks slightly bent.
And you should make a weapon that has no pistol grip and a magazine that is infront of the trigger as that will fit the animations properly.
Unless you know how to make custom anims for L4D.

So the handle should look like the one on the M16 and the mag should go infront of that?

Okay, I’ll try. But I have to wait until Valve fixes VPK support with L4D2

Looks sexy.

Trying to get it to be about the size of the M16a2 in the game. But this crappy texture has to go.

That is extremely sexy, I’d download it.

Bumping for Space for new render.


Better remodel:

Nice, where did you get a picture for the magazine? All ive been able to find is that one image and some shots from gameplay? Is that truly what it looks like?

I belive it is what it looks like since it does make much sense.

Also, do not ask me, ask the one who made the model, I only found that in the ODST thread.

I just ended up making a box clip similar to an Mini-14 since I am guessing thats what the DMR is supposed to represent.


Ignore the Hedgehog, I’ve been using it as a size comparison since I do not have a model of the L4D characters in BD3D

Oh and the magazine and bolt are in different places but that is so they match the L4D animations.

Could someone test it for me? I cannot get it to work. It doesn’t show up and my screen turns lopsided. It contains the MDL/VTX files not in VPK format in case someone wants to look at something…

I might add some textures tomorrow…

That is a horrible UV.

Starting to test textures.

I know what that means and I agree :buddy:

I’ll get dumbs, but I only learn a few days ago and apparently I get over excited.

Hnnng Blender Crashed and I lost a LOT of work…Did anyone test the model in game?

If its only for L4D then I dunno I just downloaded I have the Reach Beta so I wanna see how it is.

Edit: Make it for normal Source Games or send me SMD’S so I can put on my friend’s anims (.eXe and Wizzey!) =P

L4D=Source Games. I am using the same compilers and the same smd exporters and importers I did for when I worked on Gmod. It should work. The link is above but I will upload all of the smd’s and nonsense in a second. How do you have the Beta, I thought it came out later.

I have the beta cause I really like Halo 2 and I will no longer be able to play in the new Xbox 360 Update so they sent me the beta.

Edit: There is a error :saddowns: the model is toooooooooooooooooooooooooo


Also add me on Steam please. The icon is under my name :ninja::hf::jihad: and the link works.

By the way. L4D = C_Models.
CSS,HL2,etc have V_Models.
I don’t have L4D 1 or 2 but I tried the model in Gmod and it was to small.