Do .ABF files exist?


I have a game, and it has .abf files for presumably its models, I’ll try opening it with Maya, but I doubt it’ll work, does anyone know if these file extensions are real or just made by the developer?


Found this in a Google search:

Backup file created by Analysis Services, a component of Microsoft SQL Server used for online analytical processing (OLAP) and data mining; contains a backup of “cubes,” which are groups of metadata that specify dimensions, or a schema, for analyzing data that may reside in local or remote database locations; allows the analytics data to be restored or replicated. (Source:

Doesn’t sound like a model format to me, to be honest.

Which game? Maybe it has an extraction tool or something?

Found something about Adobe.

Dutch traffic “learning” game, we want to mess it up big, but the textures are .bmp and the models are nowhere to be found.

BMPs are editable but abf isn’t


My school blocks torrenting, tor won’t fix that (p2p connections don’t work and they changed the password on the router)

Neither will Steam work.

Anyway, tomorrow I’ll put the game on a USB and post it here(?), Will have to check if it’s freeware or not, but there’s no information on it on google and it’s from 2001.

It came on a disk in our math books.


Wat no, I can download torrents at home fine, p2p just doesn’t work at school, neither do multiplayer games like CS, but LAN works fine. I’m guessing ports are disabled.

They are indeed the models, we swapped bike.abf and dog.abf and the dog became a bike.

probably a proprietary format. unless you have someone willing to create a converter to .max or whatever you’re probably screwed on the editing front