Do addons such as ACF, WireMod, and DakTek significantly slow down a server?

Hello, I’m pretty sure I already know the short answer is “Yes, the addons would make the server preform slower then if it had no addons at all” but that’s not the point. This is for an already pre-existing sandbox server that already has ACF and Wiremod. I’m not sure how it works but I was told that these addons make “checks” so often that it significantly lags the server’s performance. This, to a simple minded person, would make sense because BIG THINGS MAKE BIG LAG, but I tried it for myself, USING ACF on the server doesn’t impact it anymore than what a normal build would. Wiremod is pretty much an essintial at this point. DakTek hasn’t been added yet but the server staff are considering adding it. I, along with a couple of other staff are concerned of it adding even more lag (if ACF and Wiremod actually do bog down the server at all). Any input on this would be appreciated, thanks for taking the time to read my post!

TL;DR Questions:
Do ACF and Wiremod make the server laggier?
Would adding DakTek make the server laggier?
If they do, why do Wiremod, ACF, and DakTek make the server laggier?

Wire on its own is famous for buttfucking servers.

Yes, never heard of it, and it’s because these addons have to and are sending so much data back and forth. Wire on top of that also takes a lot of processing power compared to other addons just because how advanced some of the stuff you can do with it are. You can literally build a computer with it!

don’t forget to mention how bloated with useless junk it is

you could literally remove everything that isn’t the pod controller, camera controller, egp and expression2 and no one would notice

You wont really notice these things barring the initialization cost and when it is in use. For the most part, both ACF and Wire are stable addons that can make a server unstable through excess or poor building strategies.