Do all mods cause server to be listed on mod list?


Do all mods cause a server to appear in the modded servers list? Until recently, Rust++, for example, did not. I cannot seem to find any information about the ‘game_tag’ server variable or if it is possible to set it manually. For example, with Rust++ installed, my server has the variable:

game_tag \l@rust,modded,cp0,mp100,v1068

What I would like to do is offer a vanilla experience, but use some basic additions such as MOTD for branding. Is it possible to do so and still appear in the community servers list? Is there an alternative to Rust++ that would do this?


well, technically modders can make it appear anywhere, but the right thing to do would be making it only show in the modded server list. i think we forced RUST++ to only show in the modded list. we’ll do the same with magma

Thanks for the reply and for your work on Rust++. Am I correct in my understanding that the listing mechanism is compiled into the mod dll’s, and not available as a variable that can be manually configured?

rust++, rust essentials (or any leather mod) the developers of those can change it if they wanted. i think with Oxide they allow plugin developers to change it (i might be wrong here)