Do all the servers admins suffer from lag issues on their server?

Hello server admins,

Since a few days we are suffering from a lot of lag and rubber banding on our server.
Today there were around 100 people online on the server and the server lagged so hard that it crashed.

We’re running a server from Ideal-hosting and i get the feeling that the problem is with them.
However, they say it’s up to the developers to resolve this problem that has been there for 2 weeks according to them.

We are using Oxide with about 10 plugins on the server. didn’t have any problems with it until a few days ago.
Trying to cut into the plugins to see if that fixed a little bit of lag.

We worked so hard on getting this many players on the server. Would be a shame if this lag ruins it all again.

Hope to hear from you guys about your experience on server hosting.

I have heard lots of complaints about different host’s concerning lag. Most say it is the fault of the developers and not their fault. Well why offer 30 0 slot servers if the game cant support it. That is false advertising to me especially when they say they are running the servers on “High end hardware”. Once they release the server files there will be allot more choices for server hosts and the more competition the better the services should become for hosts. Sure it may be the games fault but i think it is ignorant for the hosting companies to just take your money for a 100 slot server then just blame the game for their hardware not being able to keep-up. Most server owners have this problem. My server runs off of FPSPlayers and i have not had many major issues. My server is 50 slots though and the most ever online at once so far is about 15-18 people so it shouldn’t cause allot of stress. Id stick with what you have for now until they release the server files then go with a more reliable hosting company. I’ve heard allot of good things about NFO Servers. Never had any services with them though so that is just what i have heard. I hope you can resolve this issue and aren’t forces to wipe your server clean and lower the maximum player count. Someone should really contact Garry about this and see what he has to say about this supposed “Memory leak” the hosters claim the game has.

The thing is that we already wiped the server after we noticed that there was a lot of lag on the server. But the problem was still there after the wipe.