Do any one else lag alot

IDk why i lag in rust i got a good computer what can handle alot of games but only game i lag on is rust any ideas?

Keep in mind that rust is still in alpha so you can’t really compare it’s performance to other finished games. I have some FPS drops from time to time but nothing severe, and my computer is below average I would assume.

:o what browser do u play on?

google chrome :slight_smile:

well its same for me and probably alot other ppl. its still alpha and they sayed that their will be a stand alone client wich is going to boost the preformance alot. just be patient and we will see how they will deal with this issue.

:o ok my mate said the rust client wont be coming out until beta

yup, the standalone will probably be alot more optimized, running unity from a browser probably has some overhead that affects the performance.

Since the new 2 US servers, im having slowdows, before 30-35fps in my laptop, and now 3-10fps

Standalone is gonna boost performances for sure. But for now, you could try lowering the graphics in the options menu or trying Firefox.

Just my two cents.